Fit into Your Genes & The Magnetic Pull of Our Times

Fit into Your Genes

People have been struggled with their weight for decades. There are those, writes Dr Jason Schwartz in his newly released book called Fit into Your Genes, that fit into one of two locked mindsets. Those that have already found answers that either had worked or had not worked. Schwartz says, “For those who did succeed in attaining and maintaining their healthy weight, I say to them, ―Two rights don‘t make a wrong. In other words, there can be other ―right answers that apply to different people‘s situations. The fact that these alternative approaches to a healthy weight may work for others does not negate what has worked for you. To those who tried and failed; there are most assuredly more contributing factors to consider.“ The possibilities this book presents can give you new hope and understanding.

So get ready to read “Fit into Your Genes“, and be prepared to be surprised. The well-researched myriads of interrelated components of the essential pillars of lasting healthy weight were worth my anticipation. The result is you can immediately apply the insights from Dr. Schwartz’s book to your present diet. Then you’ll start to see great health results?

When I read Fit into Your Genes, I felt an instant connection and recognized my own journey in the stories and the actions that certainly have helped me maintain a healthy weight and a balanced mood. I’ve had to make many of the same choices that Dr. Schwartz recommends and the ones you’ll read about.

Furthermore, Schwartz writes that “a good family upbringing does not over ride the hard wired genetic marching orders exerted by our brains. Discipline and social restraint may control a minor command from control headquarters, the brain, yet when the neurochemical signals get serious about its survival message, ignoring those impulses is like a thirsty person sitting by a glass of water and chanting the mantra, ―Just say No.

Since the social environment, we live in has changed, we must re-evaluate and adjust the way we manifest these genetically determined survival signals from our bodies. When it comes to healthy weight challenges, our society is declaring that inertia is no longer acceptable. We must adapt and change the way we respond to the gustatory urges, and struggle to find our balance within the magnetic pull of ―the abuse of abundance. Too long have we individually, and as a society, ignored this issue. Simplifying the problem to an absurdly naïve equation: too many calories in, minus too few calories used, equals excess weight, is no solution.”

As a final plus, Fit into Your Genes is filled with helpful resources, where to go, and what to ask. I won’t reveal anymore here. That would spoil the fun of discovery.

Fit into Your Genes

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Award winning Dr. Fuller is a leading dysfunctional behavior & eating disorder expert, Licensed Counselor, and National Hypnotherapist. She has helped countless individuals find happiness that has eluded them. Her twenty years of private practice gives her a unique insight into what can work to change one’s life.
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