Answers You Passionately Want When Feeling Anxiety

When I am feeling anxiety or fear I will journal a question to lead me to the answer. You can do this too and find the answers you desire. This can be a fun technique that raises your self-esteem. Your answer may come in unexpected ways. The nature of catching your answers can teach you to be more aware. For example, I wrote this question, “Please Higher Power or god as you know it, show me how I can learn from this fear I am feeling, and what action if any, I am to take.”
I had planned recently to attend a major spiritual seminar. It was the year of creativity and my answer unexpectedly came while attending this seminar.
It happened as I entered the writers’ group meeting. At the door volunteers handed each participant a picture, a quote, and two pieces of paper. During the poetry writing exercise, we were asked to contemplate first on the quote that was given to us upon entering the meeting room. Next, we were asked to look at the picture and ask inwardly like a prayer to be inspired to write a poem. This is the quote I was given to read and it said something like: God or higher power is a Wayshower. God or your higher power is not a way-pusher or a way-dragger who kicks and shoves you through the inner worlds or heavens. The Wayshower is, quite simply, someone who shows the way.
One of the challenges or anxieties or fears in my life at that time, was my concern about my daughter’s surgery scheduled in 12 days. My self-confidence and my self- esteem was lagging due to my anxieties. During my contemplation or you might call it a prayer, I immersed myself in grateful, tranquil minutes of silence, remained alert, listened inwardly, and the words came to me.
When I later turned over the picture I had been handed when entering the meeting room, it was of two surgeons and two surgical nurses in an operating room. It seems to me that my higher power, set this up, especially for me, by guiding the volunteers at the meeting door to hand me this specific picture and quote. Each participant in the meeting received a different quote and picture. The love that filled my heart was soft, and I became peaceful with my daughters upcoming surgery.
That opening up my heart inspired me to write this poem at that workshop.
My Daughter’s Surgery

Hot coals of possible fear,
Karma in completion.
The surgeon’s knife?
Is it a way-d

Asking Your Higher Power

To free Karma?
Soft velvet folds of love
That hints of freedom.
Touch the breezes of
The inner worlds,
Holding the Wayshower’s
Little finger.

In this way, I was given a loving answer that allowed me to let go of my anxieties, my concerns, and my fears for my daughter’s surgery outcome. My self confidence and my self-esteem soared.

You can also use this technique by asking a question of your higher power in a journal and be open to catch the answer. Often the answer comes in an unexpected way. It may come through the gift of a book or by way of a person telling you a story that gives you the idea of your next small step that you need to take before you can go to the next step. The key to receiving an answer is to ask for truth with a pure heart.


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Award winning Dr. Fuller is a leading dysfunctional behavior & eating disorder expert, Licensed Counselor, and National Hypnotherapist. She has helped countless individuals find happiness that has eluded them. Her twenty years of private practice gives her a unique insight into what can work to change one’s life.
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