The Power of Taking One More Step

Lighting the Way to empowermentSometimes the art of taking just one more step can radically change the course of your life for the better -forever. It can be as simple as getting a good night’s rest so you can begin with a new outlook the next day, or as dramatic and life-changing as the following dream.

About ten years ago, I dreamed I survived an enormous hurricane and found myself struggling with the aftermath. Rubble surrounded me and a strange smell hung in the air. I climbed over beams and under roofs. I fell and scratched my knees and legs, and even twisted an ankle. Yet I knew I needed and wanted to keep moving forward. I knew I wanted to survive.

The path soon became steep. I leaned forward and willed my legs to keep walking. I wondered about the prospect of returning home instead of moving forward. “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself. “This is crazy. I could go back.” On I pushed. I felt compelled to keep moving forward, taking just one more step, and then another, through the rubble.

I felt frustrated and hopeless. I was so tired I could barely see where I was going. I had to fight feelings of discouragement. Finally the path opened into a valley nestled between two foothills. I realized I had entered a bowl-shaped crater carved out by the forceful hurricane winds.

The devastation from the hurricane lay strewn around me. I started looking for things I could use to survive. I found a leather tool belt—the kind carpenters wear—and buckled it around my hips. I scanned the surrounding countryside and saw scattered tools and supplies: an ax, a hammer, a pocket utility knife, a plastic jug of water, and some rope.

I gathered the tools and hung them in the leather holders and pockets of the tool belt. Each time I put one into my belt, I felt the power of its possibilities. The events made sense on a profound level. I stood tall with the leather belt supported on my hips, feeling completely safe. I knew I was entering another stage of my journey and felt excited about getting started.

In the dream I opened up to the highest possibilities in a spiritual sense. I knew that whatever I undertook, I would be successful at it with the help and guidance of my Higher Power. I woke up from the dream feeling excited and filled with trust for what life had to offer.

 Notable Dream Keys

  • Notice how you feel when you awaken from a dream.
  • Keep a dream journal, writing not only the elements and analysis of your dreams, but also your mood or emotional state immediately upon awakening. This is often a clue or a key to the hidden wisdom of your dream.
  • Then ask in writing(maybe in a journal) for Your Higher Power to show more clues to the meaning of your dream.
  • Expect answers and keep vigilant in seeking those answers.

About drfullerstherapytips

Award winning Dr. Fuller is a leading dysfunctional behavior & eating disorder expert, Licensed Counselor, and National Hypnotherapist. She has helped countless individuals find happiness that has eluded them. Her twenty years of private practice gives her a unique insight into what can work to change one’s life.
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