About Dr. Kathleen Fuller

Dr. Kathleen Fuller's Historic "Big E-Nuf" Cottage/ Office in Historic Downtown Stuart, Fl

The Power to Change.

Why do so many people fail to be who they want?  It takes more than just wanting to change.  You need the power to see your life clearly, define what you want, and take the steps to have it.  This power lies within every one of us, and helping you find it is what Dr. Fuller, does best.

Whether you need to change a small nervous habit, recover from a trauma you’ve been holding back for years, or forge a successful life relationship, Dr. Fuller can help you find the power you need.

Dr. Fuller’s work as psychotherapist, lecturer, and author has helped countless individuals find the happiness that has eluded them.

Finding her own power to change has enabled Dr. Fuller to become a recognized authority on dsyfunctional behaviors, and to find personal accomplishment in many areas, including art, childrens’ books, and academic research.   Fuller has shared this power with others through her bestselling book is Not Your Mother’s Diet available on Amazon/books, workshops on creativity, dreams, and eating issues; through teaching at Indian River State College; as a professional liason for La Leche International; and as establisher of Mommie and Me lab schools in St. Lucie County and Martin countries, Florida.

Who can benefit from this blog: People with: Depression – Anxiety/stress – Poor Self-Esteem – Eating Disorders – Smoking/alcohol dependency –

Couples who have trouble: Communicating – Expressing Tenderness – Finding Joy in relationships – Listening to the others needs.

Barefoot Body Paradise Everyday,

Kathleen Fuller, Ph.D.     Call for a phone session 1-772 220 4556 – most insurances accepted.

Amazon Bestselling Book– Not Your Mother’s Diet

Bestselling book to help with your eating issues.

(A classic, comprehensive,& deeply spiritual book for your eating issues.)

Award Winner –Leading Eating Disorder Expert


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