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Award winning Dr. Fuller is a leading dysfunctional behavior & eating disorder expert, Licensed Counselor, and National Hypnotherapist. She has helped countless individuals find happiness that has eluded them. Her twenty years of private practice gives her a unique insight into what can work to change one’s life.

Gain Food Freedom from Past Diet Habits by Applying This School Teacher Technique Today

Your Mother’s Diet  Achieve Weight Balance Success With Healthy Eating First Posted July 28, 2008 By Kathleen Fuller,  You know how you have cravings for chocolate? It is hard to imagine but there are millions of moms that stop their … Continue reading

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Can’t You Do Anything Right? Never Good Enough? Here’s an Inner Child Adventure to Become Free

Ever feel shocked and defeated as if you were shrinking in size at that very moment. Do you feel stunned in certain situations and you don’t seem to know what to do? Maybe you decide to do nothing and yet … Continue reading

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Are You A Slave to Your Way of Thinking? Spiritual Coping Tool for the Mind/Body

If you believe and/or put your attention on what is wrong in your life, you are unfortunate and you are or will be a slave to that habitual negative thinking. On the other side, look at the extroverted spiritual seeker … Continue reading

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The Power of Taking One More Step

Sometimes the art of taking just one more step can radically change the course of your life for the better -forever. It can be as simple as getting a good night’s rest so you can begin with a new outlook … Continue reading

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What is Co-Dependency? Why Should You Care?

You can use the following patterns and characteristics as your guide to self-evaluation. Be careful to open up to the possibility that you may have traits that need your attention and transformation. Denial Patterns: (Denial is a defense mechanism that … Continue reading

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“Speak Ups” Verbal Exercises for Your Self Esteem Ask Yourself, “Am I Controlling, or Feeling Controlled or Powerless?”

When you’re feeling hopeless, helpless, powerless, and don’t know consciously how to access your power and leave these feelings behind, it’s often easy to act in controlling ways toward yourself and toward others. In the following example, Jenny discovers that … Continue reading

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The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth Remember when you used to get the newest diet book in your hands, literally hot off the press? Guaranteed, it says. Guaranteed to work or your money back!  “This time it’s going to work,” you think. “I … Continue reading

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