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Can’t You Do Anything Right? Never Good Enough? Here’s an Inner Child Adventure to Become Free

Ever feel shocked and defeated as if you were shrinking in size at that very moment. Do you feel stunned in certain situations and you don’t seem to know what to do? Maybe you decide to do nothing and yet … Continue reading

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Night Eating Syndrome –What to Do?

Could this be you? “Oh, I can’t even think about breakfast in the morning after what I ate all through the night. I feel so ashamed of myself. Maybe I just won’t eat lunch.” Now it’s dinner time and you’ve … Continue reading

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Answers You Passionately Want When Feeling Anxiety

When I am feeling anxiety or fear I will journal a question to lead me to the answer. You can do this too and find the answers you desire. This can be a fun technique that raises your self-esteem. Your … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Eating at Night? What Do You Do?

What if this is you? Imagine you have enjoyed a good dinner. However, in a short period of time the cravings start. You’ve had a nourishing dinner, but emotionally you are still feeling empty. Later you decide to sleep but … Continue reading

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