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What is Co-Dependency? Why Should You Care?

You can use the following patterns and characteristics as your guide to self-evaluation. Be careful to open up to the possibility that you may have traits that need your attention and transformation. Denial Patterns: (Denial is a defense mechanism that … Continue reading

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“Speak Ups” Verbal Exercises for Your Self Esteem Ask Yourself, “Am I Controlling, or Feeling Controlled or Powerless?”

When you’re feeling hopeless, helpless, powerless, and don’t know consciously how to access your power and leave these feelings behind, it’s often easy to act in controlling ways toward yourself and toward others. In the following example, Jenny discovers that … Continue reading

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The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth Remember when you used to get the newest diet book in your hands, literally hot off the press? Guaranteed, it says. Guaranteed to work or your money back!  “This time it’s going to work,” you think. “I … Continue reading

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Tips for Listening in Relationships

It’s Really Active Loving Good listening is a golden gift that you can learn for your self-esteem and for connecting to others at a deeper level that will satisfy you in ways that only having an active listening experience can … Continue reading

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Answers You Passionately Want When Feeling Anxiety

When I am feeling anxiety or fear I will journal a question to lead me to the answer. You can do this too and find the answers you desire. This can be a fun technique that raises your self-esteem. Your … Continue reading

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