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Gain Food Freedom from Past Diet Habits by Applying This School Teacher Technique Today

Your Mother’s Diet  Achieve Weight Balance Success With Healthy Eating First Posted July 28, 2008 By Kathleen Fuller,  You know how you have cravings for chocolate? It is hard to imagine but there are millions of moms that stop their … Continue reading

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Can’t Stop Eating at Night? What Do You Do?

What if this is you? Imagine you have enjoyed a good dinner. However, in a short period of time the cravings start. You’ve had a nourishing dinner, but emotionally you are still feeling empty. Later you decide to sleep but … Continue reading

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Checklist of Questions about Anorexia or Bulimia for Parent Worries

Please read the following questions for educational purposes and answer those questions that ask for your answers. 1. What do I do? My daughter or son thinks she/he looks fat although she/he is stick thin or has lost weight recently … Continue reading

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Dieting Is Down & Healthy Eating Is Up?

Learn how giving up your dieting leads to successful weight loss &weight balance.  Since dieting first began in 1863 with a book called Letter on Corpulence by William Banting, women have been obsessing about their weight. The fads were cutting … Continue reading


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